Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Small leaks are generally easy to fix and cause minimal, if any, damage. However, if a leak is left unrepaired, the consequences can be large, damaging and often expensive.

Leaks aren’t always obvious and visible, ie dripping water that you cannot see, other indications include:

  • Hearing running water when you shouldn’t
  • Damp smells
  • Visible signs of damp
  • Discoloured walls, ceilings or carpets
  • Signs of water damage
  • High Water Bill

If you have any of these signs call us. An expert technician will conduct a full investigation to find the leak and then it can be repaired before it causes bigger problems.

We have options of techniques to use to identify leaks:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Acoustic listening
  • Hydrogen tracing

All these options are 100% safe and carried out by our highly trained staff.

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